vzw Oranje

vzw Oranje - Unlimited Living Together

Oranje goes for Unlimited Living Together!

This year, we are once again supporting charity.

From the Two-Days Walk, we will transfer part of the registration fee to vzw Oranje.

Oranje is building an open and responsive society where everyone finds a full place. Oranje addresses all persons with (suspected) disabilities and other socially vulnerable target groups, regardless of age or nature of disability.

They support adults in various life domains: living, working, daytime activities, meeting, holidays, parenting, administration & money, health, …

In Blankenberge, Oranje has the following initiatives:

  • O’berge: a residential service housing 17 people. Each in a room or studio. either in rooms or studios.
  • Hotel O’mer: where holidays are for everyone. A hotel for people with and without disabilities.
  • Day care coastal: where there is a group effort, together with supervisors, to meet, grow in skills and work with local partners. where they work in groups with a group and a facilitator. Some of these partners are: Maerlantschool, Sport Vlaanderen, Delhaize Blankenberge, Centerparcs, WZC De Strandjutter, …
  • Mobile guidance, depending on the demand, an attendant supports someone living independently.

In turn, the people of Oranje are doing their bit by working with our volunteers to be there for you during the Two-Days Walk!

Do you also want to do your bit for the ‘Unlimited Living Together’ Oranje is going for? During registration, you can indicate the amount you want to donate to the non-profit organisation.

Already registered and still want to donate or just want to donate without registering? This is possible. Go to the registration page, fill in your details. You don’t have to choose a distance and just indicate at the bottom how much you want to support vzw Oranje.