Any questions? Take a walk through our Frequently Asked Questions.

Still have a question you can’t find an answer to? If so, be sure to let us know via the Contact form.

Are the tracks accessible for disabled people?

We always try to have at least one track available for disabled people and prams. This year we are aiming for the tracks of 7 and 15 km.

Sometimes this does not work and we have to offer a short alternative stretch here and there (e.g. a short stretch of sand, some stairs, etc).

Right now, we are in the process of putting together the tracks with the team, so there is still some uncertainty.

A few weeks before the Two-Days Walk, we’ll do another extensive check for possible new obstacles (e.g. roadworks). If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I also register on the spot?

This is possible.

We prefer in advance, of course. That way, we can very accurately estimate how much we will need for distribution at the start, en route and at the finish.

Furthermore, you have a significant discount if you register in advance.

So what are you waiting for and register now!

Can I also stay overnight on Sunday?

It is no longer possible to stay overnight in the sports hall on Sunday night (Sunday to Monday).

If you want to stay another night, we recommend you check out our Spend the Night page for the various participating hotels in Blankenberge.

Can I do Nordic Walking?

Of course you can get into Nordic walking on any trail.

Just keep in mind the other hikers so you definitely don’t bother them.

Can I eat and drink along the tracks?

Yes you can.

Besides sampling, we pass plenty of places along the tracks where you can take a rest and get something to drink and possibly something to eat.

Once the tracks are pretty much definite, we will let you know more about what is available along the tracks. Like that, you can properly decide what to put in your backpack.

On arrival, you will also get a multitude of possibilities, where every walking will get a freshly fried fish.

Besides, you can always go to many places in Blankenberge, of course.

Can I take my dog on the course?

Dogs are allowed on the course*.

Mind you, they have to stay on a leash at all times.

Also, don’t forget to bring the necessary bags for the road! In some municipalities, it is even mandatory.

Drink for the dog will be provided on arrival. Along the way, it is best to play safe and make sure you have enough food and drinks with you for your dog.

*In Blankenberge, only the stretch between the Oosterstaketsel and J. Gadeyne slope is prohibited at the time of the Two-Days Walk. More information on Dogs - City of Blankenberge.

Can it be done while running?

Yes you can.

Note that the various rest stops only take into account the speed of walkers for opening and closing times.

Do I get a discount as a member of a recognised walking club?

Yes you can. As a member of a recognised walking club, you enjoy a €1.5 discount per walk. If you walk for 2 days, you get 2 x €1.5 = €3 discount.

If you are a maximum of 12 years old or you walk as a group with your youth movement, you will enjoy a special concessionary rate of €5 per walk, regardless of the distance. However, you no longer get a club discount on this.

I am a member of a club other than WSVL. Will I get a discount?

All recognised Belgian walking clubs (such as FFBMP and WSVO) enjoy a €1.5 discount per walk.

If you are a maximum of 12 years old or you walk as a group with your youth movement, you will enjoy a special concessionary rate of €5 per walk, regardless of the distance. However, you no longer get a club discount on this.

All other walkers pay the same amount.

However, if you are with a large group from the same club and/or association, be sure to contact us.

I have luggage with me. What should I do with this when I leave Bruges?

If you have luggage with you at the start in the station, we provide transport for your luggage all the way to Blankenberge. That way, you don’t have to carry that heavy suitcase along the tracks.

So, feel free to come by train and “stick around” in Blankenberge on Sunday. Occasions aplenty!

What is included in the registration fee?

Participation + insurance

Unique and exclusive memento

In addition, everyone will also receive a unique and exclusive memento.
If you walk for 1 day, you will get the exclusive and unique badge.
If you walk 2 days, you will not only get the badge but in addition also a unique medal .

Supplies on the way

Furthermore, each walker will be given sampling at the start and along the way (including Vondelmolen gingerbread and fruit), the opportunity to refill water at various points. So be sure to bring your refillable water bottle.

At the end, each walker will also receive a special beer as well as a delicious freshly fried fish (one per participant).

Red Cross care

At the end, you can have your tired feet taken care of by the Blankenberge-Zuienkerke Red Cross. And yes, it doesn’t really sting on a blister more or less.

Luggage transport and storage

If you start in Bruges, we will make sure your luggage gets safely to Blankenberge and you can pick it up at the info stand on arrival.

Even if you start in Blankenberge, you can safely leave your luggage at the information stand at the start.