You are registered. So what now?

You have registered, paid and received the confirmation e-mail with your ticket(s) in good order.

Two days before the Two Days Walk, you will receive an e-mail with your tickets and barcode as well as the latest information with instructions.

Print this e-mail and bring it with you (or bring it with your smartphone).
But make sure the barcode is readable.

This includes overnight stay and breakfast/lunch package as well as the train to Bruges, the starting point of the 50KM.

Your printout can be exchanged for your start card and necessary receipts.

Note that each participant must bring their own sheet. So if there are 3 of you registered, we need 3 different e-mails.

Do you no longer have the email with confirmation or the tickets?

No problem. Send an e-mail to as soon as possible with your name and e-mail address and any other information that may be important (e.g. proof of payment). We will then resend the confirmation as soon as possible.

Didn’t receive the e-mail with your confirmation or the tickets?

Be sure to let us know at so we can resolve this before the start of the Two-Day Walk.
It is best to send as much information as possible (name, e-mail address, proof of payment).

Don’t have the printout of the e-mail with you on the day?

No problem. Go to the info booth at the start. We will then deliver the starting card.

Mind you, this may cause some delays.

What about the train from Blankenberge to Bruges?

If you have booked a seat from Blankenberge to Bruges by train, you will also have received your ticket for this. Bring this ticket too.

The train leaves from Blankenberge Station, Leopold III Square, Blankenberge, at 6:30 am (map). Be on time. The train can’t wait.

In Bruges you will then get your start card – don’t forget your e-mail tickets – as well as a first begging and then on your way!

What about accommodation and breakfast?

If you have chosen to sleep in the Two-Days Walk accommodation with the breakfast and lunch package, you will receive more information along with your tickets on exactly where to go with your luggage and where and when you can have breakfast and make your lunch package.

NB: if you leave for Bruges by train, you can get to the breakfast place extra early.

NB: if you leave directly from Bruges on Saturday, you can drop off your luggage there. We will then make sure it gets to Blankenberge.

Still looking for a place to stay?

Don’t have an overnight reservation but still wish to stay in Blankenberge? Take a quick look at Spend the night for possible options.

Some more practical info

Don’t forget!

  • The starting place has moved to the Maerlantantheneum since 2023.
    More on How to get there?
  • The 50 KM starts at 7h (until max 8h) in Bruges (back of station).
    More on How to get there?
  • Not all distances can leave anytime and have their own starting schedule. Be sure to check the start times for each course on Parcours. The checkpoints along the way will open according to these distances and also close according to maximum arrival times.
  • The link to the track plan will be sent to you on 2 May with the latest practical info.
    It is formatted with RouteYou and you can also download it on your smartphone or install the RouteYou app.