How to get there?

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The start and finish are, since years now, at the Market Square (Grote Markt) in Blankenberge.

The location’s main advantage is that this square is easy to reach using different means of transportation.

By Public Transport

By Coastal Tram (De Kusttram, De Lijn)

The most durable way to get yourself at the start is using the coastal tram.

The market square is approximately 100 meter from  the stop at the marina  (halte Park) or less than 500 meter from the stop at the station (halte Station).

The coastal tram and the public buses of “De Lijn” are the most ideal and durable means of transport to get to the start!

To check the timetable, please consult the website of De Lijn.

By Public Bus

The busstop at the market square (halte Grote Markt) is in front of the start and finish of our walk.

To check the timetable, please consult the website of De Lijn.

By Train

Blankenberge can be reached by train, of course.

The station is at a mere  500 meter from the start.

To check the timetable, please consult the website of Belgian railways (NMBS).

By Car

All roads lead to… euhm… Blankenberge.

There are quite some places to park all over Blankenberge. Beware though that most are not for free.

More info about where and how to park in Blankenberge can be found on the website of Blankenberge.

If you come by car and prefer to avoid the rush in the heart of Blankenberge, you may consider parking your car in Wenduine of Zeebrugge. The coastal tram will get you at approximately 100 meter from the start of the walk.

By private coach

As the market square (Grote Markt) – the place where the walk starts and finishes is quite busy, we do advise you to get off at the city hall of Blankenberge (John F. Kennedyplein 1). This is at a mere 5 minute walk from the market square and will allow the coach and other traffic to circulate a lot easier.

The coach can be parked, once the passengers have been dropped off, on the coach parking space at the Groenestraat 86.

By bike of foot (of course)!

We have foreseen more than enough space to have your bike parked at and near the market square.