The Two-Days Walk is more than “just” walking.

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De Stormtocht // Wandelsport Vlaanderen // Klaver 4 // IML Walking

The Stormwalk

The most fun way to get a breath of fresh air at the seaside!

In 2024, this will be the 34th time and this will be on November 24.

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Stormtocht Blankenbege
Wandelsport Vlaanderen

Wandelsport Vlaanderen

The Two-Days Walk is affiliated to Wandelsport Vlaanderen, the federation of more than 300 Flemish Walking Clubs.

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Klaver 4

Klaver 4

Klaver 4 is a collaboration between the Two-Days Walk Blankenberge, The Night of Flanders (Torhout) and The Four Days of Yser and aims to promote the sport of walking and especially long-distance walking.
Until 2022, the Helletocht (Kluisbergen) was also part of Klaver 4. Now we walk on 3 (for a while?).

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IML Walking Association

The Two-Days Walk is a member of the IML Walking Association, an organisation whose aim is to promote walking internationally through various multi-day walks in different countries.

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Experience more

The Two-Days Walk also has close ties with Japan.

For instance, more than 25 years ago, we fraternised with Minamiboso (Japan) through the local Minamiboso Flower March.

Besides the annual exchange on the walk itself, we also organise, together with Minamiboso, an exchange of some students from here and there.

The Japanese students come here for a big week to get a taste of our culture; after which our students connect for a big week to Minamiboso to do the same.

A scenic spot near Nojimazaki lighthouse - source
Sunset at Nojimazaki lighthouse
ecological and sustainable

Fair Trade and ecology

With the Two-Days Walk, we also attach great importance to sustainability and the environment.

We try to reduce our carbon footprint as an organisation in every possible way, and all without explicitly compromising on comfort.

It is sometimes in the little things: for instance, we encourage ourselves and all suppliers to avoid waste as much as possible. This can be done by using reusable materials, to avoid packaging by using bulk packaging instead of individually wrapped pieces, for example.

The sustainability aspect is also contained in the pursuit of our Fair Trade objective. For example, we try to offer Fair Trade products as much as possible and look for sustainable catering: where possible, choosing local suppliers or producers.

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