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Fish from With Us = Delicious from With Us

Are you ready for a culinary adventure after a brisk walk?

An unforgettable treat is on the menu at the Two-Day Walk: freshly baked plaice served on a delicious sandwich. It is the ultimate reward after a day of adventurous steps, a tradition we have cherished at the Two-Days Walk for many years.

But how can we continue this tradition? Thanks to the indispensable support of VLAM and their great campaign “Delicious from With Us“, we continue to be able to offer this delicious treat.

Did you know that the VLAM has a fantastic website packed with mouth-watering recipes, all straight ‘from us’? And since we are on the coast, there is of course a special focus on the “Fish from With Us“.

Folder: Vers opgevist in de lente - Seizoens vissen

Are you already getting a taste? Be tempted by dishes such as “Plaice in the oven with cauliflower, radish and romanesco“.

But trust me, nothing beats the simple but delicious combination of freshly fried plaice on a sandwich with us.