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More than just walking

Plus que la marche - More than just walking!

Happy 2020

Wishing you a prosperous, healthy and happy 2020!

Ready to start?

You can’t hardly wait to start at our 51st Two Day Walk? Don’t hesitate any longer and register now as the registrations are open!

51st Two-Days Walk

Grab your agenda and block 2 & 3 May 2020!

8 reasons why joining our Two-Days Walk at Blankenberge is a good idea

The Two-Days Walk is far more than just a walk alone and there are 8 reasons for this.

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Spend the night

You can spend the night in Blankenberge all year round in one of the different Two-Day Walk sleeping places

Food and drinks

While you are visiting Blankenberge, you will definitely stick to a terrace somewhere or maybe even come for something special.

Klaver 4

Verdien een gouden klaver en wandel in Blankenberge, Kluisbergen, Torhout en de IJzerstreek.
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