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The Two Day March: clearly more than just a walk!

What started as just a two day march, the Two Day March of Blankenberge has grown into a real event. An event where walking is central but the extra activities also have really conquered their own place.

There are inflatable castles and make-up workshops for the little ones; we can also play a bit of a researcher (thanks to Week of the Sea); and many musical bands bring the necessary atmosphere along the tracks.

Below a brief overview of the activities during our event.

NieuwBoulevard 25New: Two Day’s Meeting Point on Friday

On Friday night there’s a new formula: the Two Day’s Meeting Point.

For a cosy chat with other walkers, whether or not old friends, you can go to Boulevard 25 (De Smet De Naeyerlaan 25).

NB: this replaces the activities in Forum on Friday and Saturday nights.

During the 2 Days

The 42 km walkers start at 8:00 hours. The official start on Saturday for the other distances is this year given at 10:00 hours.

VRT Radio 2Radio 2 live from the Grote Markt

On Saturday we have a direct broadcast from Radio 2.

From 11:00 to 13:00 there is the acclaimed Radio 2 Top 30.

From 13:00 to 16:00 everyone can enjoy The Popcollection.

Feestpark De VoetjesEntertainment along the Tracks

The Two Day March is more than just a walk. Where possible, we march along shipyards, the young people have their bouncy castles, and we provide musical ambiance on the rest and checkpoints.

For the youngest ones we have a “party park” called the “the little feet” in which we regale them on face paint, glitter tatoos, crazy hairstyles, popular games, bouncy castles and much more.

Week van de Zee 2018Meeting with the Sea

Walking along the tide line, looking for shells (and maybe you’ll find a porpoise!), listening to the sounds of the sea are the basic ingredients. But you will also get the opportunity to learn in an interactive way what lives in the sea and on the beach at “the Week of the Sea”.

Wenduine, a moment to linger

The giants Louwe, Wanne and Scuteman – a typical Flemish tradition – show you the way to the nice terraces and the musical band ‘Brugse Dorpsmuzikanten’ provide the necessary animation.

Ramskapelle, the polished jewel of the polders

A beautiful polder village in the hinterland of Knokke-Heist.

The village shines in the sun thanks to refurbished buildings (church, village school and don’t forget the mill).

Heist Bay

Heist has it’s natural charm as a village at the seaside.

We enjoy walking through Heist Bay but also Sashul as well as the meadow and the park surrounding the lighthouse. We also pass the clay pits, a protected nature area, situated between the port the the railway tracks.

Zeebrugge Port and Village

We pass along the port of Zeebrugge where we discover the massive container ships and with a bit of luck some stately cruise boats.

We pass the village of Zeebrugge where we continue through the inner port towards Zwankendamme.

Supplies along the Tracks

At regular distances there are water supply stations provided by Farys – the water company – where you can refill your drinking bottles; we are giving away free gingerbread from Vondelmolen, Vermeiren speculoos, Fair Trade bananas and also an apple to simultaneously feed you and quench your thirst.

Lissewege – the Track Capital on Saturday

You are welcomed by the Carillon of Lissewege from far.

Once in the village, you are accompanied by a fanfare on the market square were you can linger at performances of music groups, clowsn, etc. Fresh fried bacon sandwiches or other local specialities give new strength for the last kilometers.

Zuienkerke – the Track Capital on Sunday

Keep the walking rhythm by the many musical bands.

You can get acquainted with old crafts such as a blacksmith and wickworkers. Although we are ment to march, you can stroll along the jumble sale market.

And the young ones, they can get some extra energy with some bouncy castles.

Feestpark De VoetjesParty Park “De Voetjes”

All ages can pay a visit to our party park “De Voetjes” (the little feet).

This party park offers something for all:

The youthful feet are on the first row for fun thanks to the cooperation with the “Gezinsbond”: a make-up booth, crazy hairstyles, glitter tatoos, a kidsdisco, bouncy castles, etc.

A lot of ambiance coming from the different musical bands.

All walkers can enjoy for free Paschka on slice of bread.

PaschkaWhen thirsty, lovely beer from Van Steenbeghe or Vintense and Kidibul, among others, will help you to quench it.

The Local Fish Fryers

On arrival at the Grote Markt, the Fish Fryers from Ostend are preparing on the spot a nice fried fish on a slice of bread.

Festive Entry

At approx. 15:30 hours, walking teams and military detachments are, upon their arrival on the Grote Markt, accompanied by a fanfare.

IMLIML-awards and Honorary Awards

Sunday at 16:00 hours, the honorary walkers are put on a pedestal and will receive some special prices.

Rode Kruis Blankenberge-ZuienkerkeSome problems with your feet after the long walk?

No worries. The volunteers of the Red Cross Blankenberge-Zuienkerke are there in full force to offer your poor feet some extra care.

Only on the Grote Markt? Of course not! Also along the tracks they are ready to jump when necessary.

Parroting on a Terrace (Grote Markt and Leopoldstraat)

And not only the adult walkers can enjoy themselves on the surrounding terraces, the smaller ones will enjoy the bouncy castle from Telenet on the Grote Markt.