You are fully registered. Now what?

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So you are registered to participate and we have received your payment.

You have received an e-mail from us confirming your registration and payment.

Print this e-mail and bring it with you (or use your smartphone).
Just make sure that the bar-code is readable.

Your print can be redeemed for your starting card and the necessary vouchers.

Please note: every walker needs to bring his own confirmation. So if you are registered for 3, you need to bring 3 different printed e-mails.

You don’t have your e-mail anymore?

No problem. Send an e-mail to with your name, date of birth, address and e-mail address used to register. We will send you a new confirmation ASAP.

You do not have the e-mail with you during the weekend?

No problem. Go to the INFO tent at the start. We will get you a print of this e-mail and your card.

Where to get your starting card ?

On Friday 1 May, you can get our card in the tent on the market square (Grote Markt) between 9h30 and18h30.

On Saturday 2 May and Sunday 3 May this is also on the market square (Grote Markt). Follow the “pre-registered” queue. Keep your bar-code image ready so all goes super smoothly.

Walkers of the 50 KM can collect their card on Saturday from 6h30 onwards on the Grote Markt. Please note: this is only for the 50 KM walkers.

All other walkers can collect their card between 7h30 and 15h.

What about the extras?

If you did choose some extra’s like breakfast, packed lunch or even lodging in one of our accommodations, make sure you have a look at “What about the options?”.