Klaver 4

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Klaver 4

Klaver 4 is there to give the walking some extra promotion.

By means of a loyalty card, walkers are encouraged to take part at the 4 walking organisations.

On each of the participating tours you can go to the infopoint of Klaver Vier.

  • request a Klaver 4-kaart loyalty card;
  • get a stamp on your loyalty card after the walk;
  • swap your complete Klaver 4 loyatly card for a reward and request a new card.
    • Golden Klaver 4
      • Pin (Klaver 4 gold coloured)
      • Badge
      • Voucher of € 10,00.
    • Klaver 4
      • Badge
      • Voucher of  € 5,00
    • The voucher (€ 10,00 or € 5,00) remains valid for one year after being issued. This voucher needs to be redeemed at once on one of the participating events. There is no possibility to receive change in cash. The voucher can be used to pay the registration.

Everyone can participate as many times as he / she wishes (full card = new card).

The fourth golden Klaver 4, entitles you to a platinum coloured Klaver 4-pin.


The 4 participating organisation are:

Are all Klaver 4’s equal ?

There are 2 types of Klaver 4:

  • Golden Klaver 4 for the participants of the longest distance of every walk.
    • Blankenberge: 2 x 42 km (to walk in the same year), or 50km on Saturday in 2019.
    • Helletocht: 1 x 75 km
    • Torhout: 100 km
    • Vierdaagse van de IJzer: 4 x 32 km (to walk in the same year)
  • Klaver 4 for those who walk any distance at the walks.

More info

More information to be found on the website of Klaver 4: www.klaver4.org.