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The IML Walking Association is your ideal walking partner offering you the opportunity (through walking events) to discover other nations’ and regions’ way of life. You will not be welcomed as a tourist but as a hiking friend.

Thanks to the IML Walking Association you have the option to participate at more than 20 walks (in 4 continents). A whole range of other organizations have submitted their application so more countries and regions will join.


To encourage participation a reward system has come to life. After each multi-day trip (minimum 20KM) you can buy a bar with the inscription of the country. After a first participation, you are eligible for the beautiful bronze medal indicating “NOS IUNGAT AMBULARE”. After fourteen participations you can get a silver coin silver, gold after 30, … and so on.

When you have successfully participated at the walks of the eight founding members, you become a member of the “International Master Walker” club. Upon completion of eight walks in Europe you receive the clip ‘European Walker’.


The International Marching League was founded on October 28, 1987 in Tokyo, in the presence of Prince Naruhito, at the Nippon Press Center. Eight great-known walking events, spread over 8 countries, decided to found an umbrella organization aiming to promote recreational hiking in general and the respective organizations in particular.


The calendar of all IML events in 2018 and 2019 can be found below.

IML Calendar 2018

IML Calendar 2018

IML Calendar 2019

IML Calendar 2019

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