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On to the 52nd Two-Days Walk in Blankenberge

Walkers on the beach in Blankenberge

Saturday 4 May

After a successful 50KM last year, we will again start from Bruges on Saturday 4 May with a unique and large 50KM track that has been significantly revamped.

Unique and never seen before! This year we have set up our own train to Bruges so you can get to the starting point from Blankenberge in the morning without any worries.

The other distances (7, 15 and 24 KM) retain Blankenberge as their start and finish.

Sunday 5 May

On Sunday 5 May, following the positive feedback, we retained the main distance adjusted to 32 KM.

All distances retain Blankenberge as start and finish.


The classic elements such as the badge/medal, local strong beer, fried fish and sampling will remain.

This year, we are again forwarding part of the registration fee to a local charity.

Meadow with flower mix
photo of a notebook computer in the grass


You can register online now.

Order all your options in one go such as the train to Bruges, overnight/breakfast/lunch package, a unique Two-Day t-shirt.

Feel free to support the charity as well.


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